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A Prominent Name which offers the most praiseworthy quality Brass Co-axial Cable Connector, Brass BNC Plug, Brass BNC Female, Brass BNC Female Tee and much more...

About Us

Pankaj Electronics Enterprise is the name first called in the markets whenever customers seek to avail brass made components, of praiseworthy quality. We are a manufacturer which has been highly acclaimed by customers across the nation for serving a quality most reliable and at rates easy to afford. Some of the products which our customers can avail from us are Brass Electronics Components, Brass BNC Plug, Brass Plug Pins and Brass BNC Female Tee to name a few. The tasks of our company are executed by a team of professionals which makes sure that we always perfect at each work we undertake in our facility. We are a well capable business enterprise which, since a decade of inception, has always won customers trust when it came to fulfilling their respective requirements.

Why Brass Over Any Other Material?

Alloy made out of copper and zinc, Brass, is that material which has been the first priority for a large number of manufacturers whenever they seek to make a component, install, part, etc. Affordable in price and extensively produced, this alloy can be easily found in the markets if a customer seek to attain it. Some of the respective properties are mentioned below, which makes Brass a preference over any other material:-
  • Brass has a higher malleability as compared to that of bronze or zinc which exhibits relatively low friction.
  • Brass has low melting point which makes it easy to forge or mold.
  • It is a good conductor of heat.
  • Brass has good resistance against corrosion
  • Brass alloy is easier to separate from other metals as it is non ferromagnetic.

Our First Priority: Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize the contentment of our clients. Each time a client comes to us, we make sure that our deal will be done in a manner which will keep the other party satisfied from our end. The customers are always treated with utmost respect and we make sure that our client will never go empty handed whenever they come to us. We maintain strict policies which are oriented towards the contentment of our customers. This leads us towards maintaining factors which will always help us win customers trust so that we can become a company which they can blindly rely upon.
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